home and away

Hi tvplus, I would like to know what happened to the show home and away, will we ever get a chance to see it again on our screen, can I hv d lyrics of d song that used to play when it starts and ends- Nhlanhla sithole, crystal park -


Hi there. No chance of us seeing it again on any of the channels, it seems. However, we can give you deets on the theme song. It's simply known as the Home And Away theme song. Check out the lyrics:

Home and Away theme song

you know we belong together,
you and I forever and ever.
No matter where you are,
you're my guiding star.

And from the very first moment I saw you
there was such emotion
I'm walking on air,
just to know (Just to know)
You are there (You are there)

Hold me in your arms
Don't let me go
I want to stay forever
Closer each day....
Home and away...


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