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Professional TV Mounting & Installation Services

TV mounting has become increasingly popular among homeowners, as it not only saves valuable space but also provides an unparalleled viewing experience. With a wide variety of TV mounting options available and the emergence of sleek, slim TVs, wall-mounted installations have never been more accessible or stylish.

However, choosing the right mount and ensuring proper installation can be crucial for both safety and functionality reasons.

  • Get the essential information on various TV mounting brackets, expert TV installation services in South Africa, cable management tips and common mistakes to avoid.

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Key Takeaways

  • Proper TV wall mounting is important for both safety and optimum viewing experience, and hiring professional installation services in South Africa can significantly reduce the risks of accidents or damage to property.
  • There are various TV mounting options available, including swivel and tilt brackets, flush mounts, overhead projector brackets, double shelves for decoders/playstations, and tilting brackets depending on screen sizes between 13″-110″.
  • Professional installers can help you choose the right type of mount suitable for your particular television model.  As well as assist with cable management systems.
  • Contact expert TV installation services in South Africa’s major cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban if you’re considering upgrading your home entertainment set-up with a wall-mounted TV.

Expert TV Installation In South Africa

Expert TV Installation In South Africa

Our professional TV installation services in South Africa provide expert wall mounting of your television, with a focus on safety and proper positioning for optimal viewing.

Professional TV Installation Services

Professional TV installation services are a crucial aspect of ensuring your television is securely and accurately mounted for the best viewing experience.

  • By hiring an expert, you can be confident that they have the relevant qualifications, experience, and tools to correctly mount your TV according to safety standards.

For instance, Imveloawards in Johannesburg offers not only professional mounting services but also a range of TV accessories and DStv installations.

Hiring a proficient TV installer means that you’ll receive guidance on choosing the right type of mount suitable for your particular television model as well as assistance with cable management systems.

  • Additionally, their expertise will help you avoid common mistakes like overloading or improperly securing the wall mount which could lead to damage or accidents down the line.

Importance of Proper TV Wall Mounting

The importance of proper TV wall mounting cannot be overstated, as it not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space but also ensures the safety and optimum viewing experience.

  • A well-mounted TV eliminates unsightly cables and clutter, giving your room a clean, organised look while allowing you to make the most out of your home entertainment system.

Additionally, proper TV mounting plays a crucial role in keeping accidents at bay which could otherwise cause damage to the television or worse still – injuries to individuals.

  • For instance, poorly mounted televisions may topple over due to vibrations caused by nearby doors slamming shut or small children accidentally pulling on them.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are an essential aspect to consider when opting for TV mounting services.

  • Engaging the expertise of professional installers can significantly reduce risks such as injury or damage to property that may arise from attempting a DIY installation.

Furthermore, utilising proper safety procedures during installation helps protect against possible electrical hazards.

Qualified TV mounting experts in South Africa have the necessary experience and knowledge of handling delicate wiring systems while ensuring no vital cables are damaged during the process.

  • This not only safeguards your home’s electrical integrity but also prevents any unnecessary expenditure on repairs due to avoidable accidents caused by inadequately executed installations.

TV Mounting Options

TV Mounting Options

You have a range of TV mounting options, including swivel and tilt brackets for different screen sizes, flush mounts for smaller screens, overhead projector brackets, double shelves for decoders and PlayStations and tilting brackets for larger screens between 60″ – 110″.

Swivel And Tilt Bracket 32”-70”

A swivel and tilt bracket is a popular TV mounting option for screens ranging from 32” to 70”.

  • The bracket enables you to adjust the angle of the TV as per your viewing preferences, ensuring that every member of the family enjoys an optimal viewing experience.

Additionally, this mount is ideal if you need to move your TV around at different angles or change its orientation without constantly having to remove it from the wall.

Swivel And Tilt Bracket 13”-42”

The Swivel and Tilt Bracket is a versatile option for TV mounting, compatible with screens ranging from 13 to 42 inches.

With the ability to hold displays weighing up to 50 lbs and support VESA 50×50mm to 200×200mm, this bracket comes in different types, including a low-profile tilt mount and an articulating wall mount bracket with a unique gear structure.

  • It provides swivel and tilt options up to -90° to +90° and -15° to +15° for ideal viewing angles.

Plus, installation is handled by professional TV installation services that include all necessary wall mounting accessories.

Flush Mount Bracket 32”-70”

The Flush Mount Bracket 32”-70” is an ideal option for those looking to mount their TV in a sleek and minimalist manner.

  • This bracket type secures the TV flat against the wall, creating a seamless and space-saving look in any room.

One benefit of opting for the Flush Mount Bracket 32”-70” is its compatibility with a wide range of TV sizes within that specified range.

  • Additionally, this type of bracket is made from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminium alloy, ensuring that your TV stays securely mounted on the wall for years to come.

Flush Mount Bracket 13”-32”

If you’re looking for a TV mounting option that’s sleek, subtle and won’t take up too much space, the Flush Mount bracket 13”-32” might be just what you need.

  • This type of bracket allows your TV to sit flat against the wall with no visible cables or brackets on display.

Professional installers in Pretoria East are able to complete this installation ensuring maximum safety and security.

By opting for a professionally installed flush mount bracket 13″-32″, homeowners can save space without sacrificing style, while ensuring their television is safe and secure at all times during use.

Overhead TV Bracket 37”-70”

The Overhead TV Bracket 37”-70” is an ideal option for mounting larger flat-panel or curved TVs up to 35 kg (77 lbs).

  • This bracket offers full-motion capabilities and post-installation levelling adjustment, making it easy to find the perfect viewing angle from any seat in your room.

It is VESA compatible, meaning that it can support TVs between 37” – 80”, with a slim design and a distance to the wall of just 20mm.

  • You can find this bracket at Esquire Technologies, where professional installation services are available in Pretoria East.

Tilting Bracket 60″- 110″

The tilting bracket 60″-110″ is an excellent option for those who want to mount a large flat-panel display securely.

  • This bracket can support displays up to 110 inches, making it ideal for home cinemas or presentation rooms.

With its adjustable tilt angle of ±10° and the ability to adjust the distance from the wall between 75mm to 150mm, you can achieve the perfect viewing angle.

  • It also comes with all wall mount hardware required for installation, ensuring that your TV is safely mounted onto your wall while providing optimal visibility.

Overhead Projector Bracket

If you’re looking for a permanent installation option for your projector, an overhead projector bracket could be the perfect solution.

  • These brackets are designed to securely mount projectors above the audience, providing unobstructed views and minimizing the risk of accidents from people bumping into tripods or stands.

There are various options available depending on your needs, including ceiling-mounted brackets that allow further adjustment for optimal positioning.

  • Many overhead projector brackets come with cable management systems to keep cords organized and out of sight.

Decoder/PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf

If you’re tired of dealing with the clutter that comes with having your decoder or PlayStation console on top of your TV, then a Decoder/PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf might be just what you need.

  • This bracket allows for easy installation below or beside your wall-mounted television and is adjustable in height to ensure it fits perfectly.

In addition to providing a tidy living space, mounting your game console with a PlayStation Wall Mount Double Shelf also keeps it safe and secure.

  • By placing it up high and out of reach of children or pets, the risk of damage from accidental bumps and spills decreases significantly.

Choosing The Right TV Mounting Professional

Choosing The Right TV Mounting Professional

It’s essential to choose a qualified and experienced TV mounting professional who offers insurance coverage, affordable pricing, and warranty options.

Qualifications And Experience

When it comes to choosing the right TV mounting professional, you should consider their qualifications and experience.

  • Look for a service that has trained technicians with certification in TV installation and mounting.

It’s also essential to check whether the TV installer is insured and offers a warranty for their work.

  • This will give you peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong during or after the installation process, you can count on them to fix it without any extra cost.

Insurance And Warranty

It’s important to protect yourself when hiring a TV installation professional.

  • One way to do so is to make sure the service provider has liability insurance coverage in case of accidents during the installation process.

Additionally, having a warranty for your TV mounting service can safeguard against manufacturing defects, but many warranties have limited coverage.

It’s crucial to read through and understand any warranties or guarantees before committing to a professional TV mounting service.

Cost And Pricing

When it comes to TV mounting services, costs can vary depending on your location and the service provider you choose.

  • On average, TV mount installation costs between R450 to R1500.

It’s also worth noting that the price for a basic mount kit is relatively inexpensive, with models available for less than R950.

  • When choosing a TV mounting professional, make sure you ask about their pricing structure and any hidden fees that may apply.

Contact Us For A Local TV Installer In Your Area

If you’re looking for a professional TV mounting service in your area, look no further than TV Mounting at the Best Price.

  • We offer expert TV installation services throughout South Africa, with same-day service available to those in need of immediate assistance.

Our team of accredited TV Installers ensures that all installations are done safely and efficiently, with proper cable management to minimize clutter and ensure optimal viewing pleasure.

Plus, we offer a range of options when it comes to choosing the right bracket for your specific needs and preferences.

TV Mounting Services in Popular Cities Throughout South Africa

Professional TV mounting services are available in popular cities throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Sandton.

  • These services offer expert installation of LED/Plasma TVs, new HD TV points, and smart TV & WiFi for streaming services like Showmax and Netflix.

In Cape Town, the TV installation business can offer both high-end and budget installations.

CCTV is also being used in all major cities in South Africa for crime prevention.

  • So why not contact a professional TV installer near you to ensure proper wall mounting and cable management for your home entertainment setup?

Cable Management

Effective cable management is essential for a clean and sleek look after wall mounting your TV. Minimizing cable clutter will not only improve the aesthetics but also reduce damage to your cables over time.

Importance of Proper Cable Management

Proper cable management is important for commercial TV installations as it ensures that cables, wires, and cords are organized and secured.

  • It allows for ease of use and faster installation of patch cables to connect new hardware to an existing network.

Moreover, how your cable management system is designed can impact several day-to-day activities related to network performance and efficiency.

  • In fact, proper cable management provides optimal network performance by maximizing transmission speeds and hardware upgrades.

Organized cabling also makes sure that the equipment stays cool as there is adequate space between components allowing free air circulation.

Tips To Reduce Cable Clutter

Reducing cable clutter behind your TV can help create a cleaner and safer living space.

Here are some tips to keep cords organized:

  1. Shorten cables with velcro ties and label them to prevent confusion.
  2. Install new power sockets or HDMI ports behind the TV to reduce cord length.
  3. Use cable clamps to secure wires along walls, floors, or beams.
  4. Hide cords in wall covers or conduit tubing for a sleeker look.
  5. Invest in cable organizers, such as cable ties or clips, to keep cords neatly bundled together.

By following these tips, you can minimize messy cables behind your TV and create a more organized living space.

  • These simple solutions can also help reduce safety hazards associated with loose cords and provide an overall cleaner appearance for your home entertainment setup.

Common TV Mounting Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t forget to measure and secure the wall mount properly, and avoid overloading it with a TV that is too heavy or accessories that aren’t supported by the bracket.

Not Measuring or Securing The Wall Mount

One of the most common mistakes people make while mounting their TV is not measuring or securing the wall mount properly.

It’s imperative to measure the distance between the holes in your TV and match it with those on the bracket before buying a mount.

Careful consideration should also be given to how high or low you want your TV mounted.

Securing your mount to studs in your walls is essential for stability, as using insufficient drywall anchors for the TV’s weight can lead to an unstable installation that could cause damage to both your television and wall over time.

Overloading The Wall Mount

Another common mistake that people make when wall-mounting their TV is overloading the wall mount.

This happens when they try to hang an overly heavy TV on a wall bracket not meant for it.

  • It’s important to select the right type of bracket and follow its weight specifications before hanging your TV.

To avoid this risk, always read through the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before attempting any DIY installations.

  • If you’re unsure about anything or have a particularly large or heavy screen to hang, it might be best to hire professional help instead.

Maintenance And Upkeep Of Your TV Mount

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your TV mount is crucial to ensure its longevity and safety. In this section, we will discuss some tips for maintaining and cleaning your wall-mounted TV.

Regular Cleaning

To keep your TV mount in top-notch condition, it’s essential to do regular cleaning.

  • Dust and dirt can accumulate on the mount over time, which may affect its performance and even cause damage.

To clean your TV mount, you’ll need a soft microfiber cloth and some mild detergent mixed with warm water.

  • Gently wipe the mount with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust particles.

According to an article titled “11 Things You Should Never Do to Your TV,” keeping your TV screen clean is vital for optimal viewing quality.

  • Using a reliable cleaner can help achieve this goal effectively.

For instance, spritzing some cleaning solution on a soft cloth and using it to gently wipe away smudges can leave your screen spotless and clear.

Checking For Loose Connections

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your TV mount is crucial to ensure its longevity. One important aspect of this is checking for loose connections.

Loose connections can cause damage to the wall bracket and even lead to accidents if left unchecked.

  • So take a few minutes every couple of months to inspect your TV mount thoroughly for any loose components that may need tightening.

By doing so, you can prevent costly repairs and keep your TV securely mounted on the wall for years to come.

Conclusion – Contact Us for TV Wall Mounting & TV Installation Services

In conclusion, wall mounting your TV can create a sleek and modern look while saving space in your home.

  • It’s important to choose the right type of mount and have it installed by a qualified professional to ensure safety and optimal viewing experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert TV installation services in South Africa, including popular cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and more.

  • Team of professionals has the necessary qualifications and experience to handle any job with insurance coverage and warranties provided.

Say goodbye to cable clutter with our tips on proper cable management and avoid common mistakes when mounting your TV such as not securing the wall mount or overloading it.

  • For maintenance of your mounted TV, regular cleaning checks for loose connections are recommended.


1. What types of TV mounts are available for home use?

There are several different types of TV mounts to choose from, including fixed wall mounts, tilting wall mounts and full-motion (articulating) wall mounts.

2. Are some walls better suited for TV mounting than others?

Yes, certain walls such as concrete or brick may require special tools and expertise for proper installation compared to drywall or plasterboard surfaces.

  • It is also important to ensure that the structure of the wall can support the weight of your TV and mount.

3. Is it possible to mount a flat-screen television on my own?

While simple installations can be done solo, it is recommended that professional installers handle more complicated tasks.

4. How do I know which size TV mount bracket I need for my television?

Choosing the right-sized mount requires taking into account both the size and weight of your screen as well as its VESA pattern – this refers to measurements between screw holes found on the back panel where the bracket will attach.