Let us help you find Edenvale TV installers for all your installation and TV mounting in Edenvale. Hire TV mounting Edenvale today!

Let us help you find Edenvale TV installers for all your installation and TV mounting in Edenvale. Hire TV mounting Edenvale today!

TV Mounting Edenvale is the right team to mount your TV in Edenvale. You want a setup that looks great and is safe for everyone in your home. We connect you with skilled TV installers who know how to handle all kinds of TVs, whether it’s LED, LCD or plasma screens.

They come prepared with tools and brackets to get the job done right.

Hiring a professional TV installer means no worrying about drilling holes or messing with cables. They’ve got years of experience mounting TVs on walls, ceilings, even above your fireplace! Plus, they do it quickly and without leaving a mess behind.

So if you need reliable TV mounting services in Edenvale, look no further — TV Mounting Edenvale have got you covered.

8 Types of TV mounting Services in Edenvale

8 Types of TV mounting Services in Edenvale

Edenvale offers a variety of TV mounting services. You can choose the right option to suit your home and lifestyle.

Here are the different types you can find:

  1. Wall Mounting: Experts secure your TV to the wall, ensuring it’s at the perfect angle for viewing.
  2. Ceiling Mounting: Great for saving space, professionals hang your TV from the ceiling.
  3. Fireplace Mounting: A cosy setup where specialists install your TV above the fireplace.
  4. Outdoor Mounting: Enjoy your favourite shows outside with a mount that withstands weather.
  5. Cable Management: Technicians tidy all wires for a clean look and safe environment.
  6. Soundbar Installation: Get better audio by having experts fit a soundbar to your setup.
  7. Home Theatre Setup: Create a cinema experience with full home theatre system installation.
  8. TV Calibration: Professionals fine-tune your TV settings for the best picture quality.

10 Reasons Why to Hire TV mounting Edenvale

Now that we’ve explored the various TV mounting services in Edenvale, let’s consider why you should hire a professional from TV Mounting Edenvale.

  1. Experts from TV Mounting Edenvale know how to handle all kinds of television sets. They ensure your TV is secure and positioned correctly.
  2. Your walls stay damage – free. These pros use the right tools and techniques to mount your TV without harming your walls.
  3. Safety first! They make sure everything is set up safely, preventing any accidents like a TV falling off the wall.
  4. You save time. Professionals do the job quickly and efficiently, meaning you don’t have to spend your weekend figuring it out.
  5. You get the perfect viewing angle. The installers adjust the TV height and angle for the best possible view, no matter where you sit in the room.
  6. Cable management is included. No more messy cables! The technicians organise and hide cables for a clean look.
  7. They offer advice on the best spot for your TV. Sometimes what you think is a good spot might not be ideal; these experts can advise otherwise.
  8. Enjoy peace of mind with their expertise in sound systems to complement your viewing experience with great audio setup.
  9. They are ready to install fancy setups like over-the-fireplace or outdoor installations. These specialised mounts need an expert touch.
  10. A professional installation lasts longer because it’s done right. This means you won’t have to redo it any time soon, saving money in the long run.

10 Advantages of Expert TV Installations in Edenvale

Understanding why to hire TV mounting experts in Edenvale leads us to explore the benefits they offer. Expert TV installations come with several advantages that enhance your viewing experience.

  1. Safety first: Professionals know how to securely mount any size TV on different surfaces, reducing the risk of it falling.
  2. Right tools for the job: Experts use the correct brackets and mounts for your specific television model.
  3. No hassle setup: Installers handle the heavy lifting, drilling, and technical details, so you don’t have to.
  4. Perfect viewing angle: They can determine the best height and angle for optimal viewing pleasure.
  5. Aesthetically pleasing: Cables are neatly hidden, giving a clean look to your entertainment area.
  6. Saves time: Instead of figuring it out yourself, professionals get it done quickly and efficiently.
  7. Long-term reliability: Proper installation means less chance of future issues with your mounted TV.
  8. Expert advice included: Installers can suggest the best accessories and setups for your space.
  9. Warranty protection: Your TV’s warranty stays intact when installed by a professional service.
  10. Future support: Many services offer aftercare for maintenance or repositioning if needed.

TV Installation Services throughout Edenvale

Whether you’re setting up your sleek new flat-screen in a cosy apartment or creating an impressive home theatre system, Edenvale has a range of TV installation services to cater to every need and setup.

From discreet wall mounts that elevate your living space’s aesthetic to robust outdoor installations for alfresco entertainment, there’s no shortage of expertise available across the city to bring your viewing experience to life.

Wall Mounting

Get your flat screen TV up on the wall with expert wall mounting services in Edenvale. You won’t have to worry about a thing; professionals will bring the right brackets, secure your TV perfectly, and manage all cables neatly.

They understand every angle for the best viewing experience. Trust in their skills for a safe and streamlined setup.

Hang your television like a work of art! The pros handle everything from finding studs in walls to precise bracket placement. They ensure that your room looks great and your TV stays where it should be – mounted securely on the wall.

Full motion, tilting or fixed – they’ve got you covered for an ideal home entertainment space.

Ceiling Mounting

Moving on from wall mounting, ceiling mounting offers an innovative way to display your TV. It’s perfect for rooms where wall space is limited or you want a unique viewing angle. Expert installers in Edenvale can handle the tricky job of securing your television overhead.

They know how to find the right spot and use sturdy mounts to keep your TV safe high above.

Ceiling mounting needs special skills and tools – and that’s what local pros bring to the table. They make sure every cable is neatly tucked away for a clean look. Trust these specialists with their years of experience for a sleek installation that adds style and function to any room.

Fireplace Mounting

Fireplace mounting combines modern style with a cosy atmosphere. Expert TV installers in Edenvale offer this service, focusing on safety and functionality. They will help you place your TV above the fireplace without hurting picture quality or creating a fire risk.

Mounting a TV over your fireplace can be tricky, but professionals know how to do it right. They use special brackets and consider the heat so that your viewing experience stays top-notch.

After setting up your fireplace mount, experts can also tackle outdoor mounting for a perfect entertainment space.

Outdoor Mounting

Moving from indoors to the great outdoors, TV mounting isn’t just for your living room walls. Imagine enjoying your favourite shows under the stars with a secure outdoor mounting setup.

Our installers ensure your television is safe from the elements and positioned perfectly for those summer movie nights or big sports games. They use special weather-resistant mounts and techniques to keep your TV stable and secure on patios or decks.

Edenvale’s professionals understand that outdoor entertainment brings its own set of challenges, but nothing they can’t handle. From selecting the right spot to managing glare from the sun, every detail is considered.

With sleek cable management and robust brackets, you get a neat look without any messy wires ruining the view. Plus, every system comes with a universal mount included—a bonus for hassle-free installations!

Cable Management

From mounting your TV outdoors to taking care of the cables inside, good cable management is key. Wires and cables go hand-in-hand with any TV installation. Neat cable management ensures your space looks tidy and reduces risks like tripping over loose wires.

Expert installers from Edenvale will handle all the cords that come with your televisions and hi-fi systems. They’ll make sure each cable is neatly tucked away for a clean look.

Our pros use smart techniques to hide cables behind walls or in discreet conduits. This not only makes your entertainment area safer but also more stylish. No more tangled messes or sprawling wires! With top-notch service in Edenvale, you get a sleek setup that enhances your room’s overall feel.

Your wall-mounted TV will have that floating appearance everyone loves because all those distracting cables are out of sight!

Soundbar Installation

Your TV’s sound is just as important as the picture. That’s where a soundbar comes in handy! Our installers don’t just mount your TV; they’ll also set up your soundbar for the best audio experience.

Get ready for crystal-clear dialogue and booming bass that brings movies to life right in your living room.

Edenvale’s pro installers will make sure your soundbar looks great and sounds even better. They can attach it directly under your TV with universal mounts, making everything look sleek and tidy.

Hide those cables, get the perfect angle, and relax knowing everything has been handled by experts who care about getting it right.

Home Theatre Setup

Transform your living space into a cinema with Edenvale’s top home theatre setup services. Enjoy sharp, immersive audio from your soundbar and surround sound system. Experience the thrill of movies with expertly installed satellite dishes, decoders, and DVD players.

Get smart TV installation including WiFi for non-stop streaming of favourites like Showmax and Netflix.

Expert technicians handle every aspect – from secure mounting to flawless cable management. They make sure your space looks neat and professional. Trust in reliable pros to upgrade your entertainment system quickly and affordably.

It’s not just about watching TV; it’s about getting lost in the magic of big-screen storytelling right at home.

TV Calibration

TV calibration is like giving your TV a health check to bring out its best picture. Our experts tweak the settings so colours pop, blacks are deep, and every detail shines. Think of it as fine-tuning for an epic movie night.

Trust us, after we calibrate your screen, you’ll notice the difference. It all adds up to more immersive viewing – whether it’s sports that feel like you’re at the stadium or movies where every scene pulls you in.

7 TV Wall Mounting Options in Edenvale

7 TV Wall Mounting Options in Edenvale

TV mounting in Edenvale gives your home a sleek look. You get the perfect angle for watching all your favourite shows.

  1. Full – motion mounts move left, right, up and down. They’re great for corner spots or if you need to tilt the TV often.
  2. Tilt mounts allow you to angle the screen downward. Perfect for mounting your TV higher on the wall.
  3. Fixed mounts keep your TV flat against the wall. They offer a clean, modern look and are ideal for rooms where you sit directly in front of the TV.
  4. Ceiling mounts hang your TV from above. These are good for shops, bars, or bedrooms.
  5. Articulating mounts let you extend, swivel, and tilt your TV. This flexibility is best if you watch from different places in the room.
  6. Corner mounts save space by fitting snugly into a room’s corner. They make sure everyone has a clear view.
  7. Outdoor mounts are weather-resistant. They work well for patios or outdoor entertainment areas.

Types of TV Brands and sizes We install in Edenvale

Moving from the sheer diversity of TV wall mounting options in Edenvale, we now focus on the specifics. Edenvale homes and businesses have a wide selection of television brands and sizes, and we’re adept at installing each one with precision and care.

Below is an essential guide – a comprehensive table – detailing the types of TV brands and sizes we handle to enhance your entertainment experience.

Brand Size Range Notes
Samsung 24″ – 85″ Includes QLED and Smart TVs
LG 24″ – 86″ Includes OLED, UHD, and Smart TVs
Sony 24″ – 85″ Includes Bravia and 4K HDR TVs
Hisense 32″ – 75″ Includes LED and Smart TVs
Panasonic 32″ – 65″ Includes 4K and Smart TVs
TCL 28″ – 75″ Includes QLED and Smart TVs
Philips 22″ – 75″ Includes Ambilight and Smart TVs
Vizio 24″ – 70″ Includes SmartCast and 4K HDR TVs
Sharp 24″ – 60″ Includes Aquos and 4K TVs

As displayed, we have a genuine knack for working with a multitude of brands and sizes, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. Rest assured, each installation is conducted with the same attention to detail and professionalism, regardless of the brand’s heritage or the screen’s size.

Our TV technicians understand the nuances of each model, ensuring your TV is mounted securely and aesthetically.

TV Installation Prices in Edenvale 2024

Understanding the cost of TV installation in Edenvale is key when planning to enhance your entertainment space.

Below is a detailed breakdown of TV installation prices for the year 2024, offering you insight into budgeting for this service.

TV Size Basic Wall Mounting Wall Mounting with Cable Management Full Motion Wall Mounting Ceiling Mounting Outdoor Mounting
32” – 40” R450 R600 R750 R900 R1100
41” – 55” R600 R750 R900 R1050 R1250
56” – 70” R750 R900 R1050 R1200 R1500

Prices reflect the varying demands of different mounting styles and TV sizes. Opting for a basic wall mounting service is naturally the most economical choice.

However, incorporating cable management provides a cleaner look. Full-motion wall mounting, ceiling, and outdoor installations call for a higher investment but cater to specific viewing preferences and environmental needs.

Keep in mind that specialised services such as home theatre setups and TV calibration may involve additional costs. With this table, Edenvale residents can navigate the available options and select a TV mounting service that best suits their viewing habits and budget constraints.

Conclusion – Hire TV mounting Edenvale for your TV mounts and installations near me

Conclusion – Hire TV mounting Edenvale for your TV mounts and installations near me

Need your TV mounted in Edenvale? Look no further! Our team of experts will fit your screen securely, giving you the best view. We handle all sorts—from ceiling to wall mounts—and we’re just a call away.

Trust us for a seamless setup that’ll transform your entertainment experience. Make the smart choice; let Edenvale’s pros mount your TV today!


1. What services do TV mounting experts in Edenvale offer?

TV mounting experts in Edenvale provide professional installation of your flat screen TV, including secure wall mounting, cable management, and setting up the whole home entertainment system.

2. Can I get a quote for TV installation near me in Edenvale?

Absolutely – you can request quotes from various TV installation companies near you to compare prices for services like bracket mounting and hi-fi repairs.

3. Are spare parts available if something goes wrong during the installation?

Yes, most professional TV mounting services have spare parts on hand for quick fixes during installations or even offer hi-fi repairs if needed.

4. Do installation pros handle different types of mounts like ceiling or wall TV mount ideas?

Sure thing! Installation pros are skilled at both wall-mounted TV installations and innovative solutions such as ceiling mounts to meet your specific viewing preferences.

5. Is it possible to find an affordable yet reliable TV mounting service in Edenvale?

Definitely – there are plenty of options for affordable but reliable TV mounting across Edenvale; just ensure they’re experienced professionals offering quality service.

6. What should I look for when choosing a company for my television video setup needs?

Look out for a well-reviewed company that specialises in television video setups with expert mounters who guarantee secure and aesthetically pleasing results tailored to your space.